Combat Katana Carbon Toray Ultra HP


Designed in Canada! New Color way and advanced materials and techniques for 2024.

From the top selling Canadian brand comes our 2nd generation Katana.
Ka/ta/na.  Noun. A long, single edged sword used by the Japanese Samurai.

The Katana Toray Ultra HP is a 16mm paddle with an elongated handle weighing approximately 8.3 ounces however the paddle feels much lighter due to the lower balance point. The ULTRA HP is the preferred Katana paddle from the pros to 2.5 players. The Ultra HP features the next generation multi layering technique which provides better feel, more power and greater control while enlarging the sweet spot! With the new Grittier Raw Carbon Fibre Toray Ultra players can expect more spin than ever before. The edge-to-edge sweet-spot is anchored by a polypropylene honeycomb core with whole cells.

Prominent features:
  • Super gritty RAW Toray ULTRA HP Carbon Fibre surface
  • 16 mm thickness
  • 5.5” Elongated handle
  • 360 Degree Thermoformed. Thermoforming is a welding & molding process that leads to a unibody, solid piece of material. As a result, this paddle is incredibly durable and built to last.  Combat Paddles injects foam inside the perimeter of the paddle including the handle, which enlarges the sweet spot and helps reduce vibration. Those with Tennis Elbow might find relief using this anti-vibration technology.
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